Jan. 27th, 2010

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It was very good to be able to hug Rik again.

I sat down and counted my take last night; I didn't run ultra-precise numbers, but what it comes down to is that I pretty much covered my plane ticket, food, lodging, and table space, and made a little bit more on the side - if I ignore the cost of Nick's plane ticket. With that added into the mix I'm a little bit in the hole. Which, honestly, is pretty damn good for what is only my second attempt at being behind a table at a con.

Given that next FC will just be a short trip down from Seattle, things look good. I suppose I should start considering other cons as well if I want to be Serious about all of this; it's not at a sustainable level yet but it's already hovering around the break-even point, which is a fine place to be considering a new direction from.

And importantly, I'm energized for new stuff, rather than exhausted and not wanting to draw anything for a week; I'd planned to go out to the cafe today with Nick and finish off the thumbnails for chapter 2 of Absinthe, and I'm going to see if that's still doable after typing this up. (I had a lot of sleep to catch up on, you know!)

Thanks a lot to everyone who dropped by my corner of Jace's table, both the people who bought stuff and the people who just said "hi, your stuff is awesome"!

In answer to the most frequently-asked question*, I'm hoping to get Absinthe moving again in about a month. I have about eight pages left to thumbnail; once that's done I can move into drawing and Illustratoring. I'm anxious to get back into it; winter has made it hard to bear down and focus!

Also, [livejournal.com profile] pathia, send me some e-mail with the specs on the commission you paid for at the con and I'll get moving on it!

Other bits:

- I can't seem to log out of my alternate FA account to get back into the usual one. Is this affecting anyone else or is it just me?
- The new Apple device: impressively low price, but I'm not interested until I can run Illustrator, or a new iPad-only vector art program.
- Typing on a keyboard again feels kinda weird after a week of my phone being my only net access!
- More detailed entries about the con are in the works; I need to organize the scattered fragments of my memories first

* okay, the second-most-frequently-asked question; the first was about my choice of identities for the con
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I'm walking home from Diesel. Got six pages thumbnailed, three left. Not bad considering how late I got going! Tomorrow i hope to thumbnail the sex spread and the last page; then the pencilling can begin at last! I'm really pleased with how chapter 2 is shaping up; Nick has some nice rhythms going on in the script; and I'm bringing in a nice set of my own beats, both short and long. Chapter 2 is where I'm really starting to feel like I'm working on a long piece, with its own large-scale structures at play.

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