Jan. 25th, 2010

egypturnash: (empty head)
So the con is over and was pretty good. I'm only a couple hundred I'm the red; not bad for a cross-country trip! I'd easily be in the black if I'd put stuff in the art show and knock my sketchbook prices up to something appropriate for inked work - my pencils are just too incoherent to sell.

I'm tired but it's a good tired.

We're flying out tomorrow, but don't have a place to sleep for sure tonight. I'm sure something will pop up...


Jan. 25th, 2010 06:12 pm
egypturnash: (galactina)
This was my second con as a Serious Artist Selling Stuff. I learnt a few things:
1. No psychedelics on the first night. Save stuff that keeps you up until morning for Sunday evening, or at least Saturday. Friday night is right out.
2. For me, the con ends when the dealer's room closes. Hanging around the lobby is dull. Especially if my sketchbook is packed away in a bag we checked at the concierge!
3. I should be charging more for my sketchbook work. $25 for inks is too low, and I can't really do pencils only with the way I work.

On the other hand I have also learnt that even with less than optimum prices I can be a mere hundred bucks or so in the hole for a cross-country flight and several nights in a shared hotel room...

I am also seriously on the cusp of trying to ditch all day job stuff and going for "artist" as my full-time job - with the attendant expectation of spending six or so hours of most weekdays drawing comics, commissions, or personal work. Having all the Absinthe books sell out and have several people ask when it'll start again helps too.

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