Jan. 24th, 2010

egypturnash: (hiroshima (howarth))
Eleven o'clock and I'm pottering around FC bored - I ran into one cluster of friends but wandered off to attempt the dance, then couldn't find them when I gave up on the dance for not being rhythmically interesting enough to keep my butt moving for more than about five minutes. I need more than just your basic oontz these days. It's more tolerable than the eighties flashback-o-rama that was the Thursday night dance, and might be pretty awesome if I was flying high on one thing or another.

And I just overheard that the party floor is daid. Maybe I should just get some sleep... Or I might knock on a couple of doors first, see if I get lucky and find some friends slouching behind doors with lots of paper.

I wish I hadn't slept all Saturday night, but I kinda had to, what with spending the entirety of Friday night on a never-ending tour of the Looking-Glass, the Black Lodge, and Chapel Perilous...

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