Jan. 15th, 2010

egypturnash: (clockwork)
I have forty-one albums in my coat pocket. And a dozen or so custom radio stations via Pandora. This is not much by current standards; the Nexus closes a lot of its memory off from you. I could have tons more if I had a dedicated music device, in a smaller package.

When I was a kid growing up in the 70s, my parents' living room was dominated by their record collection. The stereo gear sat on top of a long shelf full of, I dunno, maybe 200 records? And my own collection of kid's records - maybe twenty or thirty of the things - filled a storage cube underneath my own record player in my bedroom.

My main collection of music now lives on the hard drive of my computer. If I took it out, it'd fit in my hand. The music in my floam is on a data card smaller than my thumbnail.

I know I'm late to the party here; iPods have been out for, what, most of a decade now? Most of you have probably gotten used to this over a slow progression of slightly-smaller-and-more-capable devices. Making this jump from a CD player I quit using when Katrina trashed my discs to a smartfloam is giving me a mild case of future shock, though. It's pretty damn amazing how much things have changed in my lifespan. I wonder where they'll be by the time I'm all old and wrinkly? Somewhere pretty cool, assuming our civilization doesn't collapse under itself.

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