Jan. 14th, 2010

egypturnash: (geeky)
I'd previously thought that 3G coverage in Boston was too spotty to make going to data-only and VOIP calling possible, but today I discovered that it's really just that my floam is aggressive in jumping off of mediocre 3G in favor of EDGE or passing wireless that it can't actually access. I used a secret prefs pane to tell it to only use 3G, turned off wireless once I left the Museum, and listened to Pandora all the way home.

So yeah. Once I can get that last link in the voice-over-IP chain together, it's goodbye "minutes" forever. I'll keep the sim for the old pay-as-you-go account handy for when I end up outside major cities, but once I have a call-out number for Gizmo5 (or once they're just a part of Google Voice) I'll have all the voice I could ever want for a mere $30/mo data plan.

And I will, I suspect, have joined a class of people who the phone companies absolutely loathe.

now if I could just find a way to make this location-aware phone automagically turn wi-fi on and off when i enter and leave areas I know I'll have access...

I won't be doing Illustrator stuff at FC, so I'm seriously considering just bringing the floam for all my communication/in-flight amusement needs. I just need to load it up with a pile of e-books and a few more albums and I'll be all set.

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