Jan. 6th, 2010


Jan. 6th, 2010 08:37 am
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I had this weird urge to hear In The Court of the Crimson King just now, so I cued it up. And after the last chord of this pompous, moody epic resonated to silence, what did my computer serve up next?

Two clockwork mice singing about how much they like to eat candy, in thick Japanese accents.

My music collection makes me laugh sometimes.
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I am thoroughly confused as to the behavior of Windows when applying custom icons to this single-file version of this furshlugginer kiosk I'm involved in at work. Sometimes it shows up if I move the executable around, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it shows up if I move it to another machine, sometimes it doesn't.

And for some reason if I just drag it out of Parallels, where it was generated, onto the Mac, 3/5 of it is left behind and it doesn't work. But dumping it onto an USB key from Parallels then onto the Mac, then dragging that back into my virtual Windows box? Survived intact. *pounds head repeatedly into desk until blood flows*

Sweet Kali how I hate dealing with Windows. My stress level over the past few work days has been through the roof and most of that has been due to trying to wrangle fucking Windows. I don't care if it's awesome for you, for me it's like hot needles in my pain centers, with current applied at random. All these little... hitches.
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Welcome to the 21st Century, Peggy!

If any of y'all with Android phones have suggestions for good apps to grab, let me know.

(And yeah, I got this thing the day after release. I was sitting there at work with a liveblog of the keynote open, and moments after a slide with a 'store' URL showed up, I was buying one. I've been waiting at least a year to be able to buy a smartfloam with GPS and whatnot without tying myself to a high-priced 'special' plan for two years.)

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