Jan. 4th, 2010

egypturnash: (SHODAN)
So I'm at work and I am doing some stuff via Parallels. I'm forced to use my virtual Windows machine via a non-admin account that's managed over the net; sadly, I need to install a program that requires admin to install, and quite possibly to run.

Does anyone have a good XP escalation handy? Google gives me a cute escalation to the "System" account by running at 15:53 /interactive "cmd.exe" but that doesn't work on this particular virtual machine.

I guess I could ask IT to install this shit for me, then find out if it runs as a non-admin user, but knowing what I know about sloppy Windows programming I suspect it'll barf on running as a non-admin...

edit: Got IT to do a 'run as', and yay, the thing actually runs as an ordinary user. Huzzah.

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