Jan. 3rd, 2010

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On a whim, here's the first sentence of the first post in my LJ for every month over the past decade, starting from June 2002.

I have joined the herd. i'll avoid the cliche of 'i've known ever since i was a child', but it's always been there in the back of my mind. Last night I dreamed a cartoon that could never be. Sleeping Beauty, widescreen limited engagement at Disney's theater on Hollywood Boulevard: Gorgeous. Fucking. Dragon. Penis. For a variety of reasons, future Spümcø-related entries will be friends-only or wholly private. One o'clock and I finally made it to work.

On a whim, I suggested that Ashy and I go out to eat tonight. ...how long before the art archives see a flood of crying furries looking up into space? While one part of me notes that it's just the hair on a mole on the ass of sf/fantasy art, I'm still gratified that I got nine out of a possible ten on my Yerf application. Hi, everyone! I really need to do laundry, but it's too late to run the machines. While walking to the grocery store, I discovered that my jacket pocket still had the ticket stub from 'Matrix 2'. If I'm on the bus and someone sitting next to me is trying to Become My Friend and creeping the hell out of me, move. Knowing that it was just one of those days when I was going to be absolutely unproductive, I blew off work early. I was catching up on Yerf apps (didn't get a chance to do this last weekend) and decided to edit this little bon mot out of a short and sweet -2 vote: Every artist, they say, has 10,000 bad drawings in them that have to be gotten out before they can begin to learn; you look like you've only done about 4,317. Cute little article on O'Rielly on "What's on your Dock?". I suspect I may pass as a woman a lot better than I think I do. A couple of people asked what that last commentless entry is about, with its air of evasion and little smiling smirky obscure quotes and its little appended PS and it's now very locked nature.

Got safely back into LA. Videogame virtuoso at work - a wonderfully different perspective from the usual video recording of such. I really need to have a relationship that could concievably lead to marriage. I'm rendering some AI stuff to bitmaps for some printing. This morning I woke up with [livejournal.com profile] prickvixen still asleep in my bed. I seem to be doodling Twin a lot lately. Some e-mail, and a collection of stories about designing the first Mac, made me think of this little saga. Another dream of peculiar maybe-significance. An element for a ground-up redesign of my own website - this is in the background of pages of thumbnails. Saw Shaun of the Dead tonight. So yesterday was Halloween. Help keep Ton-Ton Chan in lime sherbert!

What better way to start the new year than with inarticulate fragments from my sketchbooks? Last night I had a dream that involved and a haunted house. So there I was, in bed. In which I mock the fandom and myself. 1: hollywood/highland mall gives me The Fear. "I want to be my love toy." My art is getting more and more... retro... again. Off to SIGGRAPH. Quicktime movie of Katrina, from outside Florida up through Mississippi. On our way to the toy store, we passed the massive pile of ostentatious stone and spikes that is the Boston Public Library. Don't you hate it when you go to a website and can't quite tell what it's intended to do? Hey, Boston area folks: check out Foodler.

So we went out by Bill and Nat to do New Year's. sweet fuck, all the noise of Julia and her friend chattering + clanking clunking clinking + playing some tinny horrid music is driving me bugfuck right now. trying to concentrate on work art and can't. I should be doing some late-night work; instead I flipped through a couple books on Matisse and Miro. Dear US Customs and Border Protection, thank you for your kind letter informing me that you have seized my shipment of female hormones, in which you offer me the choice of letting you destroy them, voluntarily abandoning them to you (after which they will be destroyed), or forward them to the FDA for destruction. <glitter>FLUFFY PRETTY SHEEPY</glitter> "It's hooked to a universe of nothing but PURE CUTENESS!" This one just amuses me. PHP will let you see it explicitly, but you can also see that she basically went through and hand-replicated every comment (after deleting it) and used a custom CSS class (&ly;div class="body troll">) to make it look like a real comment. AlmostVPN - a cute little ssh tunnelling app. I'm just sick of animation. I was gonna hack up some code to abstract out the different joystick arrangements and had a cute little autodetector going and all, but furshlugginer Blitz kept on giving me handles to old objects instead of new ones when I instanced new joystick descriptions. (voice post: "Bunnies like to be counted!")

We went over by Bill and Evan's for the New Year. This is one I missed in yesterday's batch of scans. I absolutely DETEST and ABHOR those goddam ellipses they use nowadays in the comic books. "There is a nifty new redesign of the way panels (you know, those things you used to call palettes?) are presented and docked." very cute iTunes visualizer. Some stuff that's certainly influenced by spending three hours working over a page full of Kirby's marks yesterday. So I was reading about someone who's been critiquing the New York 'street art' scene by means of thrown paint and glued manifestos. Sat down with Nick and did a page-by-page breakdown of chapter 2 of Absinthe - no drawings yet, just thirty boxes with notes on what happens in each page. Yesterday, Nick and I went out with [livejournal.com profile] cube3. Hooray for pulling ahead of self-imposed limits - I'm about to go to sleep after finishing the pencils for three pages. For the past couple of days I've been being a Flash code monkey for the "Special Projects" division at the Boston Museum of Science. Featuring a cameo appearance by [livejournal.com profile] prickvixen.

Is Matt Groening still doing this in 'Life in Hell'? I need to just spend a day or two sitting around with the sketchbook and drawing. I decided that today, I would experiment with taking one of the six or seven old PCs lying in the kitchen and putting FreeNAS on it - so we can centralize a lot of our large files. I'm definitely on for the exhibit, now. Getting back in the groove after a week and a half down in New Orleans is hard. We played a couple hands of "Race for the Galaxy" tonight. I got reminded that my birthday is in a few days - I'll be 37 on the 5th. Fire of Water. Following groups of Boston's art scene around the gallery and eavesdropping on their conversations was great fun. OMFG BEANWORLD IS COMING BACK!!!! So today I went out to Harvard Square to get some stuff. My new Mac came with an Apple-branded buffing cloth.

I had the most awesome New Year's Eve in my entire life. My mom's sofa-bed is not comfortable, nor very friendly to my spine, but I slept a lot better than I have in a good while because that cartoon wasn't on my mind at all. The rise of ComicPress as a comics CMS and its requirement that every page be attached to a corresponding blog entry (I think, it's a while since I played with it) is not necessarily a good thing; I don't want to read a comic book with running commentary beneath every page about how this is foreshadowing something, how the production of this page went haywire, or whatever. So at work I have not only installed a version control system (Mercurial) onto my machine, and done some weird underhanded things with moving histories around when I tried changing the structure of what I was versioning, but I have also gotten a SQL database thrown into the repository. Because [livejournal.com profile] neogeen demanded her friends list post artsy things, here's a couple direct-in-AI doodles that were sitting around my hard drive. add ohnorobot search box I got the proper eardrops yesterday and they do seem to be helping. I just finished another page of chapter 1 and put it in the queue. Where did this year go? I came back to work from my trip to find that (a) the machine I use has been upgraded to Snow Leopard and (b) my account on it is no longer an admin account. so yeah I found myself digging through a long sequence of Inhatti logs. Went out with Rik and got the one form notarized that needed it, now I just need to package both of them up with death certificates and name changes and send them off.

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