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Woo. I just woke up from an anxiety dream I never thought I'd have.

I'd gotten hired at an animation studio. First day on the job. My desk, my first scene. And I was choking. I looked at the layouts and I couldn't make head or tail of them. Went off for a walk outside to try and clear my head and stop quietly freaking out. When I came back the layouts had been cleaned up a bit by someone. But now this was a different scene. A longer one, with a very HB-modern girl involved. I kinda wandered around the studio and then suddenly there was Gabe sitting at my desk starting to do my scene for me (which had changed again, into something involving a closeup of a big butch dude with swapping faces like the Dodecahedrom on Phantom Tollbooth, talking about drawing theories as he did it - something about properly drawing the mouth/jaw area with the cute acronym of M.A.W.W., that was certainly working because his drawings were coming out a lot more casually solid than the model sheets!

The studio might've been some mirror-world version of Renegade; everything had the Googiefied H-B look they favor.

I told Gabe that I was grateful for the help but I needed to do this myself, but I would totally love to get together and hang, and have him beat some of that theory into me that I slacked off on. But I couldn't find a lightboard to do it on now (there was a diversion involving going to get one but I couldn't find one whose electrified lemons were in good enough condition to work). And when I went to make sure I had an up-to-date number for Gabe in my phone, it ran out of battery because it was the end of the day - though none of the other animators showed any sign of going home.

Gabe also gave the sage advice from his perspective as a decade-long industry veteran: this project looked kinda interesting, but don't get too attached to it. I think it was some kind of semi-educational thing, either that or a promotional film for some technology company. It kept shifting.

The studio was probably totally archaic by now. Everyone was working on paper. A lot of them were at benches rather than proper animation desks. But everything was painted bright, happy colors. Mostly a green, in the area I was in; different areas were different colors. At one point most of the crew was wearing color-coordinated clothes, too, which was kinda creepy.
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