May. 23rd, 2010 03:00 pm
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Yesterday we went over by [ profile] somnialcat's place for a visit. Hopefully we'll manage at least one more time before we're gone out of town. [ profile] kaputotter made some awesome barbecue, and, as usual, I mostly hung out in a corner and drew. We didn't end up putting any video on so what I drew was mostly about me me me except for when Nick poked some things into my head.

This is from a few weeks ago, it's me pondering something to play on a non-furry muck a few people have kinda poked me towards.

This is also a little old; it's Kalinda's archaeopteryx look dressed up to go hunting. It was the last thing before the empty pages in my sketchbook, and kinda set the theme...

I don't know why I wanted to draw Amis (vixen self) looking all angelic and failing. A response to something Nick said, I believe.

Slutty dickgirl archaeopteryx sorceress wants some.

Demon vixen with harem hints.

OKAY MAYBE ENOUGH WITH THE SHAMELESS SELF-INDULGENCE also note long trailing serpentine tail on the dress, she did used to be a cobra for the longest time after all.

Happy bound-up rubberized Noelle.

Zebra-marked rubber Noelle. Zebra stripes are hot.

Happy pink anodized robot Noelle.

...and to play with her, a happy shiny steel robot Twin! Hi, Twin! It's been a while. Nice skirt, it kinda reminds me of Kalinda's tailfeathers.

*blush* the thoughts involved in this drawing led to some really good times the next morning. Growl?

This one is pretty and I kinda want to finish it in AI.

Switched to a greasier, much faster pencil for a bit.

Robo-Twin again.

Rhea and Kalinda. I kinda feel like this is an interesting mirror to the long-ago drawing of Peggy and Rainwing. This time I'm the feathery blue one...

Kalinda, Rhea, Phorm. Text is completely unrelated.

Vixen-self as cute pretty foxboi.
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