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I went out today and picked up a spare power brick and a smallest-size Intuos for the purpose of making it easier to just pick up my shit and go if I want to get out to the cafe to focus on drawing, or to be slouching in the bed and start drawing - unweaving the letter-sized Intuos3 from my setup is a pain in the ass, and so's pulling the power brick from under the table.

And holy shit the Intuos4 line finally fixed the thing that made me abandon the Graphire2 that served me faithfully for most of a decade: the cable's not wired into it. It's a normal USB plug on one end and a mini-USB plug on the other. If it breaks, I can just scrounge up a cable. I will never need to replace this thing unless an elephant steps on it and cracks it in half.

And it came with six replacement nibs of the normal variety, and a handful of other kinds as well. Wow. I guess Wacom's selling enough of these things that they don't have to design in planned obsolescence at all.

The cute little touch wheel is, of course, utterly useless to an Illustrator addict like myself. There's just not a lot of things for it to control.
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