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So yeah, this one has complicated reasoning behind it. Once upon a time, my very first character on Furrymuck was a raccoon named Kelvin. After a while he got replaced as the 'main' self by Peggy, the black dragon, but he still hung around. (Though he's since fallen victim to the autotoader.) He went through gender transition by way of being a lamiacoon.

Later, on Tapestries, I had two characters: a cobra sorceress named Kalinda, and an occasionally-psychotic raccoon named Lilisor. Both of them are in some way descendants of Kelvin, and it has transpired that they're still kind of... linked. So when Kalinda decided to spend a little time as a cute floofy boi, this is where she ended up. Of course, she's also been spending most of her time as an archaeopteryx lately, and playing with a demon rather a lot, so he ended up a bit... brimstoney.

Sometimes you just wanna walk on the other side of the street, you know?

This is probably more about my virtual sex life than you ever wanted to hear.
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