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So, yeah, remember that Janelle Monae woman I gushed about a couple weeks ago? Her first full album's out and it does not disappoint. Every song swirls from one style to another in a seamless, beautiful mix; it makes me happy in a lot of the same ways that Barry Adamson or the Gorillaz do. Danceable, moody, and narrative, with lyrics that make me want to draw funky little comics or something.

It makes me very happy to listen to ArchAndroid and hear snippets of musical themes recurring from Chase Suite. I just wanna gush about how awesome this thing sounds and make people sit down and listen to it, because holy shit it makes my ears happy.

It looks like you can preview the whole thing on her MySpace page, and buy it on her site. Supposedly it's on iTunes but I didn't see it there. I figure she gets more money with less middlemen involved anyway.

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