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The thought passed through my mind: "Hey, wasn't Adobe supposed to be upgrading their stuff? I haven't really heard anything about it, maybe I should go look." So I went to Adobe's site, expecting to see trumpeting of lots of useless-sounding features.

But I am pleasantly surprised. I think Illustrator CS5 is the first upgrade with features I want besides "doesn't crash on my new machine/OS" since AI10. Back in 2001, according to Wikipedia. Finally, there's a way to go back in and edit the pressure curve on a brush stroke. And 'bristle brushes', as well - it's like they actually picked up an old copy of Creature House's late, lamented Expression* and started implementing some of its features. They also finally finished the bitmap effects by making their settings be independent of the rasterization resolution; now maybe the annoying "purists" who insist that anything with a raster effect is "no longer vector" because "it doesn't scale" will shut up.

There's also a perspective tool but somehow I doubt I'll use it; I like to distort and skew my perspective by hand. Still, it's a feature I can actually see myself using at some point instead of "hey look, we ported over Flash's sloppy-ass drawing tools" or "we can pick color schemes for you".

Nine years since the last version I actually looked forwards to. Sheesh. Seriously; I've been using pretty much the exact same subset of the program since then. I think the only change that's made it into my workflow is the new gradient editors in CS4, and that's really only because it tends to pitch a fit and crash if you try to edit gradients with them hidden.

More once I actually have it on my machine. *download*

* Expression was pretty awesome. A little glitchy, but it was essentially a Painter to Illustrator's Photoshop - vector-based simulation of natural media. It had some pretty cool ideas but it kinda vanished when Microsoft bought Creature House and turned their tech into some kind of Fireworks clone or something, I'm not really sure what MS Expression actually does as it's Windows-only.

Date: 2010-05-17 04:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That actually almost entices me to look into upgrade pricing.

. . . then I remembered what bitches they've been about letting me use the software I paid for, and I thought, "Well, an unlimited trial of CS5 might work, too...."

I mught actually buy an upgrade anyhow. I'm stupid like that.

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