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Man, you don't realize what a convenience hot and cold running water that's safe to drink is until you have to do without for a few days.

This weekend, a water main broke and all of metro Boston had to do without. They were diverting water in from auxiliary reservoirs, so we had water for showers, firefighting, and the like - but it wasn't safe to drink. Not without boiling it first. And it wasn't safe to wash dishes in. Not without soaking them in a solution of bleach afterwards and letting them dry off.

We, personally, fared okay. Got a couple of jugs of bottled water and kept ourselves hydrated, went out to eat rather more than usual - we were planning on going out to eat last night anyway, for purposes of celebrating Rik quitting his job.

But now it's fixed. I ran the water for a while to flush any of the non-potable water out of the pipes, and then I was able to wash the dishes I needed for breakfast. Mmm, granola with yogurt. Yum.

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